The day I met Bill Gates

The other day I was meeting with some important clients when Bill Gates walked in with his entourage. I excused myself for a minute and went up to Bill's security guys and asked if I could meet him. Permission was granted I and went up to Bill and introduced myself. I told him that I was meeting with some important clients whom I was trying to impress and was wondering if he would be kind enough to do me a favor. I asked him, "Mr. Gates, on your way out, would you please stop by my table and say goodbye?" He said, "Sure, no problem."

So, I went back to my table and continued my meeting. On his way out Bill Gates stops by my table and puts his hand on my shoulder saying "Hey Danny, it was good seeing you again!" I turned around to him and said "Not now Bill! Geez! Can't you see I'm in a meeting!".

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