Famous quotes of the imfamous former mayor of Washington D.C. Marion Barry.

"If you take out the killings, Washington actually has a very, very low crime rate."

"I promise you a police car on every sidewalk."

"First, it was not a strip bar, it was an erotic club. And second, what can I say? I'm a night owl."

"The laws in this city are clearly racist. All laws are racist. The law of gravity is racist."

"The brave men who died in Vietnam, more than 100% of which were black, were the ultimate sacrifice."

"I am making this trip to Africa because Washington is an international city, just like Tokyo, Nigeria or Israel. As mayor, I am an international symbol. Can you deny that to Africa?"

"People have criticized me because my security detail is larger than the president's. But you must ask yourself: are there more people who want to kill me than who want to kill the president? I can assure you there are."

"I am clearly more popular than Regan. I am in my third term. Where's Regan? By George Bush and Michael Dukakis no less."

"I read a funny story about how the Republicians freed the slaves. The Republicians are the ones who created slavery by law in the 1600's. Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves and he was not a Republician."

"What right does the Congress have to go around making laws just because they deem it necessary?"

"People blame me because the water mains break, but I ask you, if the water mains didn't break, would it be my responsibility to fix them then? Would it!?!"

"The contagious people of Washington D.C. have stood firm against divrsity during this long period of increment weather."

"I am a great mayor; I am an upstanding Christian man; I am an intelligent man; I am a deeply educated man; I am a humble man."

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