Who should I Vote For?

Important General Basics

The MTV is always encouraging you to vote during election years and voting is certainly something that everyone should take the time to do. But how do you know that you are not going to vote for the wrong candidate when you do vote? MTV doesn't teach you how to go about the process of deciding on someone who you believe will be the best person for the job. In this article, I’m going to tell you things that you will need to know in order to make the best decision when voting and thus answer the question that you have probably asked yourself “Who should I vote for?”

The first thing you need to understand is that you only know what the nightly news tells you and that the information you see presented may be slightly misleading depending on who presents that information. The mass media is supposed to be neutral or unbiased when presenting the news but this is not the case. No one at CNN or at any of the evening news providers is going to admit that they secretly have a Liberal agenda. (national news, local news or otherwise)

Let me take a moment to explain Liberal. What is a Liberal? The term Liberal is usually associated with the Democratic party and others who share their beliefs because they typically like big government or a liberal amount of government programs and services. The opposite of a Liberal is what we call a Conservative and is associated with those who share the views most commonly associated with the Republican party. Conservatives don’t like big government, they would prefer a conservative or lesser amount of government programs and services. Why is big government bad? Big government is frowned upon because you and I pay for every bit of it with our taxes. How do you feel when you get your paycheck and you notice that the government has taken out a deduction from the money you earned? That is your money that the government is taking away from you. This idea is not completely bad, someone has to pay for the military and the interstate road system and I don’t mind paying for important stuff like that. But it only takes so much money to run a country and the democrats are constantly pushing to raise taxes for stupid stuff. I define stupid stuff as things like hundreds of plasma screen TV’s for government workers sitting in an FBI warehouse less than 20 miles from my home; government programs where lazy people who don’t want to get a job age given free money from the government to live off of; billions of dollars given to other countries in the form of grants or loans that we will never get back; endless wasted money on government employees that don’t actually do anything important or useful. Do you want the money that you earned to be wasted on stupid stuff? I don’t.

Now back to the secret Liberal agenda that the media tries to push. If it’s a secret, how do I know about it? Well, just like any secret, someone, somewhere is bound to spill the beans and admit (as many have) that the media deliberately tries to promote liberal type ideas and that is why you can’t base your opinion solely on what impression you are left with after seeing a news story on TV. For example, on a particular day, an angry high school student, deliberately drove his car through a small crowd of students at his high school murdering many of his classmates. That same day, another student in a different school in a different part of the country took a wimpy caliber handgun to his school and started shooting. A couple of students were injured at the shooting but no one was killed. The national news ignored the mass murder story involving the car and went with the school shooting story because the Liberals at the news studio know that they have to make guns look bad and try to convince people that guns must be outlawed. Democrats and Liberals don’t like guns and are always trying to get them outlawed. If guns are bad, why do police carry them for protection? If they protect police officers, won’t guns also protect you? Are you any less important than police officers? The NRA collects little articles, hidden away on the back pages in Liberal newspapers every month where someone’s life is saved by using a gun. The reason that the story is buried in the back pages is because they always put the thousands of guns saving lives in the back while they reserve the few and far between gun crime stories for the front pages.

The mass media is always trying to push Liberal ideas and another example of this is filmmaker Michael Moore. This guy made the movie Fahrenheit 911 for the sole purpose of defeating the George W. Bush political campaign. His movies like this are portrayed as being documentaries but nothing could be further from the truth. He is telling made up stories that are angled to promote his personal opinions. With film editing, he can take a true story and chop it up in such ways to completely distort what actually happened into a massive smear campaign against someone else. Michael Moore gets rich making movies are just multi-million dollar political smear campaigns that resemble documentaries. Also, most of the people in Hollywood are also Liberal Democrats. Hollywood is good at making movies but they don’t know very much about keeping a country strong. You also want to avoid taking advise from people about how you should vote from people who are from other countries. This includes people in bands from other countries like Green Day and their political music if it disagrees with what is really best for our country.

Basically you want to learn about each candidate’s views on the subjects that are most important to you and then vote for the candidate that best shares your views. But, you also have to keep in mind what is going to be the best for keeping the country safe from our enemies. Let’s say that the subject of abortion is important to you and you want to keep it safe and legal. You will have no trouble finding a Democrat who shares that view. But you can’t vote for that Democrat if they are going to compromise national security. If our country falls victim to the hands of our enemies, the subject of abortion becomes a moot point.

Quick Reference Comparison Between Republicans and Democrats
(Organized by subject)

Subject: National Defense
Republican View: Aggressively defends against enemies for the strength of the country. Bigger military, seeks out terrorists and kicks their ass swiftly, doesn’t give a crap what the United Nations organization thinks.
Democrat View: Wishy-washy defense policies, smaller military, indecisive head scratchers, loves the U.N.

Subject: Guns
Republican View: They believe that all private citizens should be allowed to own guns for self-defense.
Democrat View: They believe that only important people like politicians and government employees should own guns to so that they can control the population better.

Subject: Marijuana
Republican View: Against legalization of Marijuana because it is very dangerous to your health and makes you unproductive in society.
Democrat View: Although they won’t admit it publicly, a lot of Democrats favor the legalization of Marijuana. But don’t vote for a Democrat because you think they will get marijuana legalized; it will never happen. Our entire police system revolves around drug busts.

Subject: Abortion
Republican View: Against
Democrat View: In favor. (Note: Republicans will never be able to outlaw abortions so don’t vote for a Democrat if this is the only subject that is important to you.)

Subject: Government
Republican View: Favor smaller government, less government employees, less taxes so you can keep more of your own money from your paycheck.
Democrat View: Bigger government, more taxes, giving your money to lazy people and other countries.

In Conclusion:

I should probably mention that I am not a Republican or a Democrat and that each of those two parties tick me off in equal measures. I am registered as a Libertarian because I feel my views (as a whole) seem to more closely resemble the general views of the Libertarian Party. But I usually vote Republican and I'll tell you why.

While the Libertarian Party has more good ideas than either the Democrats or the Republicans, (at present) they run their organization in a very amateurish way that is just not very dignified and they turn off a lot of people despite the fact that they have a lot of great ideas. It is for that reason (among others) that the Libertarian Party will never be elected to the office of President.

What I would suggest is that you go ahead and keep calling yourself a Democrat or Republican if you like, but go the Libertarian web site (link is below) and read up on these ideas and then carry those ideas with you when you have political conversations with your friends and also when it comes time to vote.

Republican is how I’m voting in the next Presidential election simply because the rhetoric of the Democrats over the years has been consistently flavored with the removal of the freedoms that we claim to hold so dearly in this country. The constitution of the Untied States is to be honored and defended, and certainly not altered to accommodate the whims of present day.

I personally believe that the founders of this country were a lot smarter than many of those who would follow in their footsteps. I also think that they must have logically concluded that at some point and time, there would be elected to the office of President, those who were not ideally qualified to hold that office. So, when drafting the Constitution, the founding fathers must have then realized that they needed to make it as foolproof as possible. So now, all a President needs to do is just stick to the Constitution and the country will survive. But with all the talk from the Democrats about changing the Constitution and the removal of the freedoms of the people, the only logical vote in any Presidential election should go to the Republicans.

Always consider national security first when voting for President.


Candidate Evaluation
Election 2008

Presidential Candidates 2008


Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

Are you kidding?! My personal impression of Hillary Clinton is that she is "power hungry" and absolutely obsessed with with becoming President. Never mind what issues the country may be facing or whether she thinks she is the best person for the job, I don't think any of that matters to Hillary. I believe that her extreme, selfish desire to become President is the only thing that matters to her.

The most sick and disturbing thing about Hillary Clinton is that she would spend over 11 Million dollars of her own money in an effort to get a job that pays only $400,000.oo per year. (President). Reference: Click Here

The second most disturbing thing about Hillary Clinton is the many quotes I have heard attributed to her which are right out of the Dictator's Guide To Taking Over A Country playbook*.

"We must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for society."
Hillary Clinton

More Hillary Clinton quotes here.

The last disturbing thing about Hillary that I'll write about here is how she rambles on and on about her "experience". WTF!!? Despite the running joke about her having been the actual President while her husband Bill Clinton was President, the fact remains that SHE HAS NO EXPERIENCE BEING PRESIDENT! The First Lady is not an elected office. As First Lady she had no official duties, and I can guarantee you that she was never included in the countless Presidential briefings while her husband was the sitting President.

I am appalled that so many people in this country have actually indicated their desire to cast their vote for her. If Americans are stupid enough to elect Hillary Clinton as their President, then the United States deserves to fall into Communism or become a dictatorship.


Barack Obama
Barack Obama

I've already stated that the reason I don't like the Democrats is because they regularly speak of the removal of freedoms that we have in the United States. So instead of repeating the same Barack bashing junk that is being forwarded all over the Internet, let me expound a bit on what I read when I went to Barack Obama's official web site.

For those of you who don't know me, I am one to consider deeply the position a candidate takes (for any office) on the subject of privately owned firearms. So naturally I went to Barack's web site to see what he has to say on the subject and found a long, drawn out blurb that attempts to appeal to the Pro-Gun crowd while concealing his true stand on the subject.

Basically, his official statements go on and on about hunting, hunting and hunting. The problem is that owning firearms is about more than recreation (Sportsmen) and the Democrats just don't understand that. The subject of self defense is blatantly omitted from his page relating to the subject of firearms.

Based solely on a visit to Obama's official web site, I have no choice but to assume that his policy toward firearms is the same as Democrats are notorious for; specifically that Democrats don't believe you have a right to defend yourself with a firearm and never cease trying to find ways to remove that freedom from you by constantly attacking the 2nd Ammendment to the Constitution. I will not vote for Barack Obama.


John McCain
John McCain

John McCain is not just a decorated military veteran but he served with exceptional distinction. (Shot down over Viet Nam and suffered torture at the hands of the enemy while serving his country.)

He also supports the Second Ammendment and he doesn't try to dodge that subject by hiding his statements on that topic on a small, obscure, hard to find paragraph on his web site like Barack Obama does.

McCain is cool, calm and collected; he has served his country as a Senator for many years; he is more "central" and "ballanced" in that he does not always follow the Republican party's agenda (This is a good thing and we need that!)

What is not to like? John McCain has earned the opportunity to become President. I will vote for John McCain for President!


* Not a real book. I am just speaking figuratively.

You can't vote for Communism.

This (The United States) is supposed to be a free country where you are free to have your own political viewpoints without fear of consequences. I am fine with that but on the other side of the coin, I am opposed to that freedom being used as a weapon against freedom. Yes, I'll be glad to explain that. There are people in this country that are members of different political parties ie Republican Party, Democrat Party, Libertarian Party etc. and they are free to conduct their various political practices. There are a lot of different political parties represented in this country and one of them is the Communist Party. The problem that I see with this is that Communism is the opposite of a democracy and freedom. (Yes, I know the United States is a Republic and not a true Democracy) What if the whole free country got together for a vote and everyone voted to make the United States a communist country? Could that happen? However unlikely, technically speaking I suppose it could happen but I am of the opinion that it should not be allowed to happen. But prohibiting the posibility of such a thing happening infringes on freedom, or does it? Well, at the present time, communists are free to express their views in this country. I don't think that being able to vote for communism should be allowed and I don't think that any communist parties should be allowed to function in this country. Does this mean that I am against freedom? No, I am in favor of preserving freedom. Another way to look at this subject is that modern day people don't have the right to vote into power, a communist government and do away with democracy. Modern day people don't own the freedoms we enjoy today because that freedom was paid for by those Americans who died defending it in days and years past.

You are probably thinking that I am getting all worried over nothing and that there will never be a nation wide vote to decide if we will all become communists or not. Well that is probably true but the reason I am mentionning all this is that at this very moment, there are elected representatives in office in this country that are members of the communist party in America and they go to great lengths to conceal that fact from the public. These commies in the American government ought to at least be required to make full disclosure of their political views if they are running for political office. The only benefit that allowing the communist party to function in this country is that it would allow the FBI to keep better tabs on them. Oh well, to avoid rambling on any further, my real point is that I don't like communists in this country and I don't think that any of us have the right to vote away any freedoms from our constitution that were paid for by the blood of our past countrymen and women. You can't vote for communism.







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