Freedom Squished

It is no secret that Americans have fought, and some have died defending the constitution of the Untied States which protects the freedoms that we hold to be so dear. What baffles me is that some of the very same people who now enjoy these freedoms, are determined to remove many of these freedoms from the people. Numerous attempts have, for the most part, failed to remove freedoms from the people and so now the powers that be are moving to do the next best thing. Squish the freedoms that we still have.

When these domestic enemies of freedom continue to fail at removing freedoms, they then try to make these certain freedoms worthless. Or squished. The freedoms are still in place but anyone who attempts to utilize them, suffers for doing so. The greatest example of this “freedom squished” concept is what is currently taking place in our country where a battle for freedom rages over the ownership of firearms by private citizens.

Today, in many parts of the country, the ownership of firearms by private citizens has not been outlawed. Yet, in these localities, an ever increasing pressure is being aimed at gun owners by deliberately making life very difficult on those who own them. Landlords are sneaking “no guns allowed” deep into their complex lease agreements. Businesses are prohibiting guns on the premises where it would otherwise be perfectly legal to carry a gun. What good is it to have the freedom to keep and bear arms if those who provide critical, life sustaining services (such as housing and food/ groceries) lawfully deprive you of the ability to utilize your rights?

This is no new concept and I’m reminded of certain specific history lessons. There are plenty of civilizations in times past where people have experienced this same sort of thing where, for example, one might have the freedom to worship as he or she so chooses. But, if that person’s chosen religion isn’t the same as that of the ruling religious party in charge of the country, they loose their ability to buy food or live within the city. Naturally, individuals wishing to continue to living will do one of two things. They will either compromise their values and conform or they will risk their life by challenging the powers that be so that they themselves and future generations will be able to enjoy freedom.

This is the dilemma that is before people all over the world today. Guns have been removed from the citizens of Australia, England and Canada and people are suffering because of it. Right now, people in Canada are going hungry while they wait for their government’s permission to use a seriously, limited ability, hunting rifle to gather food for their families as they’ve previously done for many generations. To these people, hunting is not a recreational activity, it is the way they feed themselves. These people live reasonably far from modern conveniences like shopping malls and grocery stores. Furthermore, it is simply not in their budget to pay grocery store prices for food. The new modern psudo-intelligent way of thinking declares that these starving people are now safer because they don’t have guns.

People are going to have to take a stand to oppose the illogic that is plaguing the world today concerning the gun issue. Crimes in the previously mentioned countries have risen because the banning of guns only deprives the law abiding, productive members of society. Criminals are now free to peruse their victims without the fear of meaningful resistance. Guns are not evil devices as the mass media would like us to believe. They are the best tool for personal defense that the world has ever known. Banning guns will no more stop people from seeking and finding guns any more than banning gold will stop people from seeking and finding gold.

Yet, today, all sorts of illogic is running rampant under the flag of safety. Current “zero tolerance” policies in schools are a license for bad judgment and failing to think on the part of school officials. Such is the case for children being expelled from schools for playing “cops & robbers”, using their thumb and index fingers as their “guns”. Rampant insanity is what is taking place in the decision making process of school leadership these days.

If the school officials had any sense at all, they’d realize that the most dangerous place to be on this planet is the place that has the least amount of security. A place like schools where there are no armed guards, no armed citizens, no armed staff and where not even a single person may lawfully possess a firearm in their vehicle while it is parked on school property. That is the most dangerous place to be and this situation is a haven for those who will exploit this weakness to harm people in volume.

Any place that has “high security” will always have lots of armed people. Yet school officials teach children that guns are bad. If guns are so bad, then why are they used to protect the President. Why are they used to protect police officers? Why are guns used by security personnel to protect certain facilities? Why are millions of crimes thwarted every year by lawfully armed citizens? The safest school would be the one where trained and certified individuals and volunteers were armed to the teeth on school grounds.

Despite overwhelming evidence that armed citizens save lives and thwarts crime, there remain those who will attempt to remove guns from the productive members of society. If that doesn’t work, they will attempt to squish freedom by making life very difficult on those who attempt to exercise their freedom. These domestic enemies of freedom operate under the flag of safety and attempt to convince us that we’d be safer without guns.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Those that would sacrifice freedom for safety, deserve neither freedom nor safety”. If guns are so bad, then why did Americans flock to the gun stores in droves the morning of September 11th 2001 when America was attacked? A whole lot of anti-gun people converted that day when they realized that our national security can be effectively challenged by an enemy. All that mattered in that time of crisis was protecting our families and our country from our attackers. Politics went out the window and Americans bought guns. Thankfully, there were guns available to buy. Americans had the resources available to them to go to the corner store and buy guns.

The right to keep and bear arms is guaranteed by the constitution. Individual protection is the responsibility of each individual, not the federal government or your local police department. A requirement for individuals seeking to become U.S. citizens is to have the willingness to pick up a weapon and defend the country. Natural born U.S. citizens should be no less willing to do the same. When big business tries to deprive us of the ability to buy food, find a place to live, buy clothes and gain other vital services because we exercise our right to keep and bear arms, it is up to us to apply pressure to these big companies and let them know that we vehemently disapprove. Take a stand! Don’t let these domestic enemies squish freedom!


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